Press S, D, J and K to hit the notes

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Tags2D, Fangame, jjba, jojos-bizarre-adventure

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I love this so much, I literally couldn't keep playing the first time because I was laughing so hard. Great choice on the selection of characters and pairs. I would love to see more characters added in the future!

Best rhythm game. Better than whatever the fuck Quaver is.




This is just amazing haha

wrrryyy the controls aren't working for me-

I'm in tears, this game... I have no words. Thank you for this terrible terrible gift

best game ever made


Nice game. i just keep pressing all the bottons ;P

Lol  thank you for playing! Very smart, except that you will be getting “bad” in that way😂   (Which will break the combos) 

(1 edit)

This is creative novelty exdee not so cringy funny exdee hahahaha duper awesome!!!

the note shouldn't have been to bright though as it would blend and confuses player, expecially impaired.

but still. Extremely Amazing Awesome!

inspiration!!! cool and good!

also, Development Build Web Assembly is large. don't publish it! uncheck the Development build to shrink its size.

Got it. Thank you!!

no problem!

Bruno should be here too tho
But in all honesty, It looks awesome and I would pay for more characters

He is just too elegant, preventing me from doing these things to him ;_; 

anw i added his hands lol



I am only very vaguely familar with the anime/manga, but the idea is fun and done well.

Thanks for making and sharing this!

Thank you!! 

The Anime is called Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and the game is about its fifth season "Vento Aureo".